Posted by: jkdassoc | January 29, 2010

Introducing The Larry Hartsell Collection and Memorabilia

It is here where I will keep The Larry Hartsell Collection and Memorabilia, tell stories of my days in the martial arts, and my time with one of the most legendary martial artist in the world,  and offer my services toward the pursuit of helping others pursue their dreams.

Please check back on a regular basis as we will be featuring items that we offer and other information about the JKD Grappling Association.

The Larry Hartsell Collectibles and Memorabilia accompany a Legitimate Certificate of Authenticity signed by Debra Hartsell.

The Larry Hartsell Collection is not offered by a dealer, and is a Private Offering by the owner, Debra Hartsell. The training daggers, sticks, boxing gloves, along with other items were used in the gyms of Los Angeles to the training halls in Scotland, and to seminars worldwide.

Own a piece of martial arts history!

This is not an auction, but a Private Offering. Please email your offer and the item number you are interested in to Debra Hartsell at

Thanks for taking the time to visit and on behalf of the JKD Grappling Association, we look forward to having you visit our site frequently. 

Best Wishes,

Debra Hartsell, Director